Mint Accounting Pty Ltd is located centrally on the Sunshine Coast in the heart of Mooloolaba and is owned and operated by Amanda Gavin.  Amanda grew up on the coast and has spent the last 10 years working in the public practice on the coast.

So why would people come to Mint Accounting?

Your accountant should be an integral part of your business.  You need to have a good working relationship with them so that when you need to you can just give them a call and ask them whatever pressing question is on your mind. They should either be available or call you back within a reasonable period of time and assist you. They should also complete your work within a reasonable amount of time. If this isn’t happening or you feel like your accountant doesn’t have enough time for you then maybe it’s time to move on.  At the end of the day you are paying for a service which is exactly what you should receive. I like to build long term relationships with my clients.  I enjoy seeing their businesses grow and assisting with that however I am not afraid to tell them when things aren’t looking so rosy and that improvements need to be made.  I aim to have all work completed within an agreed time and for an agreed price and if either of those looks to change then I contact my client and discuss it with them

Where did the name Mint Accounting come from?

I would love to take credit for the name but there is a reason I am an accountant!  I had a brain storming session with lovely creative friend of mine and Mint Accounting was one of the names that came up.  After checking to see that it wasn’t already taken I decided to go with it.  I love what the name implies, money is made at the Mint and I help my clients make money through suggestions for improvements in their businesses.  To me Mint is also fresh and vibrant which I link to people looking for a fresh start, whether in business or other areas.

So I take it from that response that you deal a lot with businesses?

Yes, I enjoy working with businesses.  I find there is a lot of value I can add.  I have been doing this for over 10 years and have seen a lot of different types of businesses from all different industries.  Some are doing well and others not so well.  You can learn so much from all of these which has given me a lot of knowledge that I want to share with my clients.  I love seeing them succeed or making improvements in their businesses based on ideas I have recommended.  When they succeed I succeed.

Ok, so I think we have the business aspect down pat, are there any other areas that you are interested in?

The short answer is yes, I love what I do and that involves all areas of public practice from tax returns and assisting people with general tax advice, to advising on business purchases or starting a new business from scratch to SMSFs.

Amanda Gavin

Amanda Gavin


Amanda grew up on the Sunshine Coast and has spent the last 10 years working in the public practice on the coast.